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126 discarded flip-flops on canvas


This mosaic was created as part of a workshop at Bali Greenschool. It is made up of cut pieces of flip-flops retrieved from Bali beaches. Millions of the pairs of the synthetic sandal make their way into the ocean each year. The sole usually consists of Polyethylene-foam which persists in the environment and cannot be recycled. This mosaic is one sustainable solution to keep those ‘lost soles’ within human reach and range and give them a new purpose.


“I do not want to produce more waste because I make art. It is the artist’s and designer’s responsibility to have the end-of-life of their artwork or product in mind. I rearrange discarted materials and integrate them into a new visual reality. Ideally creators use materials which feed into a circular economy and never end up in landfill, in the ocean or in an incinerator. Something that can be reinvented and recreated over and over again.”